Most first time buyers of houses (and prospective tenants) would like to be guided on how to know when they have found the right house.  Well, I have some ideas on this.  You already know that BEFORE you make any payments for any house, you need to be convinced that the person receiving the payment is the owner of that house (or a credible person who has the owner’s authority). Your lawyer will guide you on that. When I guide friends on real estate purchases, I do not pressure or try to unduly convince any of them of what particular house to buy or rent, even when I may be so convinced that a particular house is right for them.  This is based on a principle and it is because (although I trust my own skill and experience) I respect my friends’ judgments and intuition (and sometimes, you hardly know whether a friend really has his or her cash ready at that time). Of course, I will NOT market the wrong houses to anyone and I do my best to ensure that friends who seek my counsel do NOT buy or rent houses with encumbered titles. Really, how do you know when you have found the right house to buy or rent? Here are some of my observations:You want to go inside the house embraces you the moment you enter you don’t feel uncomfortable to enter into any part of the house you are possessive about the house You begin to imagine furniture arrangement and the colour of paints you like for the house you are reluctant to keep looking at other houses Every thought in your mind tells you to buy or rent that house