In order to answer this question very authoritatively, I have copied out for you, the information on the obligations of a landlord from the provisions of the Tenancy Law, Lagos State 2011, as follows (these areĀ  in sections 8 andĀ  9) :

Subject to any provision to the contrary in a tenancy agreement, the landlord shall;

  1. Not disturb the tenant’s quiet and peaceable enjoyment of the premises.
  2. Pay all rates and charges as stipulated by law.
  • Keep the premises insured against loss or damage.
  1. Not terminate or restrict the use of a common facility or service for the use of the premises.
  2. Not seize any item or property of the tenant or interfere with the tenant’s access to his personal property.
  3. Effect repairs and maintain the external and common parts of the premises.
  • A tenancy agreement in respect of business premises, shall be deemed to provide that where the landlord
  • (a) inhibits the access of the tenant to the premises in any substantial manner;
  1. (b) Takes any action that may substantially alter or inhibit the flow of the customers, clients or other persons using the tenant’s business premises;
  2. (c) Causes or fails to make reasonable efforts to prevent or remove any disruption to trading or use within the business premises which results in loss of profits to the tenant;
  3. (d) Fails to rectify as soon as practicable, any breakdown of plant or equipment under his care and maintenance which results in loss of profits to the tenant; or
  • (e) fails to maintain or repair the exterior or the common parts of the building or buildings of which the premises is comprised, and after being given notice in writing by the tenant requiring him to rectify the matter, does not do so within such time as is reasonably practicable,
  • the landlord is liable to pay to the tenant such reasonable compensation as shall be determined by the Court, where the tenant effects the repairs or maintenance.