We have earlier discussed a long list of factors and issues a diligent purchaser ought to consider, as he sets out to purchase any land or building. Here we intend to dwell some more on the factor called LOCATION, because of how crucial it is.  This is how we usually emphasize the factor:  Location, location, location. How strong is the government or community development effort or plan for the area?

What do you really want? Is it a house with less space in the heart of the city, or a beautiful house far from the city?

Consider the current and potential road network or access, transport connectivity, proximity to good schools, hospitals, etc.

Check for new shopping complexes, or other projects, being planned in the vicinity. Are there companies, industries coming up nearby? Still about location of the house, consider available parking space within the premises and outside, for you and your visitors. Some premises are so choked up that you have to park on the street, but then, if you do not mind that, the street should at least appear safe. You don’t need the trouble of trekking miles away to and from available car park.

Some people are able to control the noise in their household, but most times, the noise or other pollutants in the environment outside your household is a serious challenge. There may be a lot of noise on the streets, as it is with most locations, but t least you need to  make sure you are not picking a house with  a nightclub or any such noisy activity,  as your immediate neighbor.