For the same reason as in the previous topic ( i.e, In order to answer this question authoritatively) ,  I have lifted these obligations of a tenant, from the provisions of section 7 of the Tenancy Law, 2011, as follows:(1) Pay the rents at the times and in the manner stated;(2) pay all existing and future rates and charges not payable by the landlord by law;(3) keep the premises in good and tenantable repair, reasonable wear and tear excepted;(4) Permit the landlord and his agents during the tenancy at all reasonable hours in the daytime after previous written notice, to view the condition of the premises and to effect, repairs in necessary parts of the building;(5) Not make any alterations or additions to the premises without the written consent of the landlord;(6) Not assign or sublet any part of the premises without the written consent of the landlord; and(7) Notify the landlord where structural or substantial damage has occurred to any part of the premises as soon as practicable.