Selection of responsible Tenants. Care-taking of the houses . Prompt rent collection. Prompt rent remittance to the Landlords.

  • Selection of  responsible tenants
  • Full proof documentation of all tenancies.
  • Care-taking of the property
  • Effective management of the Landlord-Tenant relationship
  • Proactive management of tenancy expirations and/or  renewals
  • Resolution of  issues on tenement rates, utility bills, land use charge and/or other  taxes or rates  as may be applicable
  • Prompt collection of rents from tenants
  • Prompt remittance of rents to the  landlords
  • Periodic visitation/inspection of the property
  • Monitoring to ensure that the tenants are paying the utilities bill , so as to prevent accumulated defaults by the tenants, etc
  • Updates /advice to the landlords on issues, regulations.
  • Eviction of tenants (where necessary)
  • Periodic reports /updates to the landlords

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