Our Solicitors ensure that we buy only from the lawful owners and that the title to the land or house is free from all encumbrances.

  • They ensure that we buy only from THE LAWFUL OWNERS AND THAT THE TITLE TO THE LAND OR HOUSE IS FREE FROM ALL ENCUMBANCES, DEFECTS IN TITLE OR ADVERSE CLAIMS. We know that this due diligence is the safeguard against avoidable disputes or adverse claims.
  • Thorough searches are conducted and other enquiries made on the title and then a satisfactory title report and land information are received before any purchase is made. The search reveals the lawful owner of the land or house. It also reveals if the title is encumbered or not, such as where the owner has mortgaged the house for a loan or other obligation.
  • The Land Information verifies whether or not the land is under Government acquisition or restriction of any form and relates the title documentation to the actual land/house offered for sale.
  • Once we are satisfied with the due diligence, we proceed with an impeccable documentation and perfection of the conveyance , in protection of our interest . We are very familiar with the implications of the differences among the various estate documentation types ( Deed of Sublease, Deed of Lease,  Deed of Assignment, Power of Attorney, etc) and we ensure that we get  the very best in each transaction
  • In every conveyance drafted for us , when we buy , we insist that the seller’s INDEMNITY in our favour is part of the seller’s covenants


  • Selection of  responsible tenants
  • Full proof documentation of all tenancies.
  • Care-taking of the property
  • Effective management of the Landlord-Tenant relationship
  • Proactive management of tenancy expirations and/or  renewals
  • Resolution of  issues on tenement rates, utility bills, land use charge and/or other  taxes or rates  as may be applicable
  • Prompt collection of rents from tenants
  • Prompt remittance of rents to the  landlords
  • Periodic visitation/inspection of the property
  • Monitoring to ensure that the tenants are paying the utilities bill , so as to prevent accumulated defaults by the tenants, etc
  • Updates /advice to the landlords on issues, regulations.
  • Eviction of tenants (where necessary)
  • Periodic reports /updates to the landlords

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